This is not a Rant

If there is one thing the Internet can be counted on for, it’s providing us with endless, oftentimes ridiculous, angry-bordering-on-lunacy, rants.  It is a platform where people are free to spew hate-filled remarks, share cruel taunts and reinforce harmful stereotypes.  It is good old-fashioned bullying without any real consequences for the bully.

But when a friend of mine shared such a Facebook post a day ago and I discovered it on my feed, it distressed me more than usual.  Perhaps it hit too close to home (as an Immigrant who lived in Canada for over six years) or perhaps it burst my naive ‘All-Canadians-are-wonderful-and-accepting’ bubble.  Either way, it has stuck with me for an entire day so I need to get it off my chest.

This woman had posted a picture of a Sikh RCMP officer on her Facebook wall:

Sikh Man

Beneath it, she wrote (or rather raged):

‘This INFURIATES me. I am Canadian.  I was born here. As long as I have been Canadian, our RCMP uniforms did NOT include a turbin!I have nothing against other people living in our Country.  I am proud to be a Canadian and think our country is beautiful. However, we as Canadians, have allowed for our Heritage to be altered in fear of appearing prejudice towards all the other New Canadians! When does it stop? If I went to their Homeland do you think for one second I would be able to build a Catholic Church and have heaps of English speaking channels on the radio or television to choose from? Do you think my attire would be acceptable in their Country? I think not! I am all for having Multi-Culturalism in our Country, but I just feel like when you come to have a better life, you adapt to the new Country, otherwise if things were so great in yours, you would not have left in the first place…Rant Over!’

Yet this is not the worst of it.  What is even more appalling is the number of people who agreed with these sentiments.  One needs only to scroll down in the comments section to see others claiming that immigrants are ‘flushing our country down the shitter’ or ‘we are losing our customs just to make these foreigners feel more at home!’ 

I refuse to follow in such footsteps.  I will not rant.  I will not whine on about how this has made me sick to my stomach or how inexplicable it is to me that people can be so afraid of diversity when it is diversity which gives the human race its character, its spark, its beauty.

I was tempted to take this personally.  To scream and shout (and rage) until there were no words left to explain how ignorant I found this. But over the past few years I’ve learned that such anger does not help.  People are fiercely protective over their opinions; that it is especially these kinds of unfounded notions which are like centuries-old stone.  You cannot blast through them.  You must be patient and chip away at them slowly.  So today, my gold hammer of choice will be reason.

1. There is no such thing as a ‘Canadian Heritage.’ 

This ‘Canadian Heritage’ which the author of this FB post is so intent on defending does not exist.  It is simply a construct European colonizers used in the late 18th century to force Aboriginals to assimilate into their Eurocentric lifestyles.  This ‘Canadian Heritage’ led to death, forced integration, theft of language and stories and the systematic eradication of entire cultures.

Contrary to the author’s beliefs, a Catholic Church and English-speaking television channels are not inherently Canadian.  If there ever was a Canadian Heritage, it belonged to the Canadian Aboriginal civilizations who were here before the country was even formed.  (And who incidentally did not say Merry Christmas to each other or celebrate Easter.)  But that is a different story for a different day.

2. The Great Mosaic 

Over the past centuries, immigrants have arrived to Canada from all over the world.  They bring with them their skills and abilities and have contributed to making the country what it is: a thriving world leader.  If the USA is a melting pot, then Canada is the Great Mosaic. It prides itself on providing a federal framework to allow such diversities to thrive and this is what sets it apart from other countries; how readily it embraces the individual differences of its people, its desire to not only welcome diversity but to thread it into the existing fabric of its culture.

So if we are to suddenly deny new Canadians their way of living, if we are to expect them now to leave centuries of traditions behind them just so another portion of the population can feel ‘safe’ in their own customs, it would mean destroying the very foundation of Canada’s character.

3. Just because you aren’t a White Christian doesn’t mean you are an Immigrant

It is ridiculous to assume that all non-white non-Christians living in Canada are immigrants who have come in search of a ‘better life.’  Difficult as it may be to grasp, just like the author of this piece, quite a majority of them were born in Canada. Black, brown, Muslim, Hindu – they are all Canadians.  Therefore, like the author, are an integral part of the country’s colorful tapestry and with every right to influence its ever-changing culture.

4. Multiculturalism 

On the Government of Canada website, it states: ‘Through multiculturalism, Canada recognizes the cultural heritage and the potential of all Canadians, encouraging them to integrate into Canadian society and take an active part in its social, cultural, economic and political affairs.’  

So to the writer of this ‘rant’ who supposedly supports multiculturalism, this doesn’t mean suppressing other cultures, or fighting their right to express their own traditions.  And it definitely doesn’t mean they should conform to your lifestyle. (I might add here: nor you to theirs.)

5. By giving someone the space and respect to practice their beliefs doesn’t mean yours will become less important

If accommodating this Sikh man in the picture meant that every single RCMP officer had to wear a turban from now on, regardless of their beliefs, then I might be inclined to agree that this anger was justified.  Yet this is not the case.  So how is wearing a turban any different from an RCMP officer who wears a cross around his neck?

To accept someone else’s beliefs does not mean to believe in yours any less. To make allowances for other traditions and other customs does not mean you are diminishing the importance of your own.

5. Let’s Get Our Priorities Straight

How is it possible that the the writer of this post has failed to grasp the most important aspect of this story?  She claims that ‘New Canadians’ must adapt to ‘her’ country and yet she remains purposefully blind to the fact that this Sikh man feels so strongly about Canada, has assimilated so deeply, that he feels the need to protect and serve it.  Shouldn’t she be proud to see the policing force of the nation reflect its ideas of pluralism and diversity?

Change is inevitable.  And when it is for the better, when it is due to growth and compassion and understanding, why should we complain about what is being lost when we are gaining something far more important?


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  1. thank you for writing this post. I was one of those who shared this post to my fb page and was so disappointed that these things were being sad and discussed at such a level. But thank you for writing what I’m sure we were all thinking but in a calmer and more rational state 🙂

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  2. Good post, it’s really challenging reading these kinds of things and managing to hold onto your sanity & charitable perspective, well done! One thing I’d add to this is that her sense of urgency and outrage seems particularly misplaced. A very quick google reveals that the right of Canadians to wear turbans as part of their uniform is old news – *at least* 25 years old! –

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  3. You make some good points, however the RCMP and police uniforms ARE part of our Canadian heritage (based on the last hundred years), thus changing the uniform is changing our heritage.

    While I don’t agree with the hate filled post and comments, it’s true that if we went into other countries and forced their government to make changes, you can rest assured there would be hell to pay, they likely wouldn’t budge, and we’d be asked to leave.


    1. Contemporary police officers in Canada do not wear the same thing they wore 100 years ago. Contemporary police officers in Canada do not wear the same thing they wore 30 years ago. Uniforms change. Nobody has forced our government to make changes. Canada has adapted the uniform to reflect the diversity of its people. This is what you’re not getting. Sikhs are not “Them”. they’re “Us”. They are Canadians.

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    2. Well Jimmy, I guess that’s what separates this country from the other ones you speak of, simultaneously making Canada an amazing place to live.

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    3. That’s quite the assumption to make that all other countries would not budge. I’m sure you’re aware that there’s over 200 countries so it’s a pretty unfair claim to make.


    4. Hate is not a word used in our home….EVER! I have taught my children that we should be respectful of all God’s creatures. We do not even kill bugs. We rescue them and put them back outside. It is sad that my opinion about a RCMP Uniform got this much exposure and for people to judge me and make me out to be this horrible human being.

      My youngest donated her candy to the sick kids at our local hospital last year. She seen kids with no hair and asked me questions. I am very open with my children and always answer their curiosity to the best of my ability. The next day she said Mom I want to give the sick kids my hair…my hair will grow back. And thus her next fundraiser started. I was a single parent for ten years so I am just thinking they developed some of my morals and values.

      How I have been depicted in these comments over the last week are insane. Everyone has an opinion and because we live in Canada we are able to voice them freely. I too disagree with this author’s opinion as they clearly disagreed with mine. It does not mean that I am going to search them out and start calling their work, their home, their husbands work and threaten their family and coworkers. I take it for what it is worth.

      Although I have been dragged through the mud over my opinion that I once thought was ok to voice but apparently have learned and been taught by my Sikh stalker that I am unable to have a voice and that if I don’t like Sihk’s I should move out of this Country. I even had him say to me during one of his many calls say how he felt sorry for my daughter because I was a big fat bitch and a disgraceful Canadian.

      So I say go on and keep voicing your opinion. I have huge shoulders, I can take all the verbal abuse and guess what…it still does not make me change how I feel about that Uniform.


  4. Thank you for this great well thought article. Its positive message seems to be spreading around the world fast.

    Raquel hughes “rant”on Facebook is clearly that of an ignorant person spreading hatred for unknown reasons.

    Cst. BHUI is a member with the Edmonton Police service in Alberta Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) uniform has completely different colours that Edmonton police (this only highlights the lack of intelligence of the Raquel who claims to be Canadian.)

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    1. Thanks so much for naming me yet again in this so the harassing and threatening phone calls can continue. My post was merely an opinion that I have. Kind of like all the folks posting theirs.


    2. Thank you so much for stating my name in you rant about how ignorant and uneducated I am.

      Here is something about me. I volunteer in our community with my 11 year old who is so incredibly passionate about all human beings. At Christmas we volunteer and feed the homeless for the Salvation Army. Last year we went to Hawaii and guess what we did on Christmas…yup handed out water and Candy Canes to all the Homeless people in Waikiki.

      That’s right I have no soul. One evening when driving home from my second job, three teenagers were beating up two elderly East Indians who are my neighbours. We are friends, they babysat my children. I quickly ran into the house and for one of my sons toy guns and ran back across the street and pointed it at them and told them to get the duck out of our neighbourhood and that I was on hold for the police.

      I never once said anything bad about anyone. I never name called anyone or insulted them by implying they were dumb. All the people who shamed me for my opinion haven’t stopped to give yours. Yet you think it is ok to do so and that you are all innocent? At the end of the day I would help anyone in need no matter what Color they are and anyone who knows my family knows that about me. I put my pants on the same way all of you folks do…one leg at a time.


  5. The fine man in the picture happens to be my brother – in – law who was born and raised in Edmonton. A mechanical engineer by trade, he decided to pursue a career as a police officer, went thru 6 months of rigorous physical and practical training . He puts his life on the line everyday as a police officer so that us Edmontonians can feel safe and secure going about our day. Was I upset when I read the rant on one Raquel Hughes’ wall about how furious she feels that the RCMP changed their uniform by allowing the Sikh officers to wear the turban? You bet. Even more enraging were the comments by other people in response to her rant! But then I realised, she and her supporters are going on and on about the RCMP uniform when in fact they don’t even know the difference between the EPS and the RCMP uniform! In our daily life, we all come across wonderful people from all walks of life, racial and religious backgrounds who connect with and treat us as fellow human beings and look beyond the skin tone, what race we belong to, what country we came from. The only thing sadder than the rant is what kind of attitudes and values are being passed onto their children and grandchildren. Canada does not belong to people of a specific skin color or religious background. Canada was built by immigrants from all over the world. We all contribute to the beauty, growth and richness of our fine country and will continue to do regardless of the racists remarks by an ignorant few!

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    1. It is so wonderful to find out who the fine man in the picture is. I apologise for mistaking him for an RCMP officer – he is doing a wonderful service for Edmonton and for his country


    2. He left a career as an a engineer to be a cop?? Not the smartest choice…
      But regardless, anybody should be grateful that sikhs decide to join the police force and military.


      1. Yes, many would say that. But his very decision highlights his loyalty, love and dedication to serve and protect his fellow citizens!


  6. As a 4th generation Canadian I too get a sense of pride when I see the mounties in crimson with the traditional pants boots and stetson. It’s a symbol of Canada. Whether this man was a member of the RCMP, a local police service, or any other first response profession, I could care less about what he is wearing. Did he put in the hours, effort and late nights to pass the written and physical tests? Yes. Does he Don his uniform with pride to serve and protect the public of this great country, whether they’re a bigoted, hateful individual or a kind, caring citizen? Yes. This man had such love in his heart he decided to sacrifice a stable, 9-5 job for shift work, holidays and 24 hour shifts when something happens. He is stepping into the line of fire as the first man into stabbings, shootings, and drug raids. He was born here. This country was founded so we could be strong, proud, and free. The world views Canadians as kind, polite and loving. This man is more Canadian than anyone who thinks him honouring his traditions is destroying our country. So we can’t go to his historical homeland and have the same freedoms. That he can in Canada makes our country exponentially better than those that limit freedoms. I commend you, whoever you are mystery police officer. I couldn’t put my life on the line like that, and for your sacrifice, I say congratulations, good luck, and thank you for your service.

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  7. As a recent arrival to Canada myself and a police officer too, I don’t think you should be so dismissive of Canadian Heritage or so accepting of multiculturalism.

    In my work I frequently meet people who have come to Canada to enjoy the very Canadian Heritage which you so easily dismiss and escape many of the aspects of different cultures which you are so eager to accept. Canadian Heritage is hard to define, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and it certainly doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated and cherished.

    Women and minorities in particular enjoy freedom from state oppression and equality under the law, both of which are enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and have been fought for by preceding generations of Canadians. The rights and freedoms we enjoy in Canada are completely at odds with what happens in many other countries, where women are second class citizens and apostasy and homosexuality are punishable by death or imprisonment.

    Multiculturalism is not simply about going to a different restaurant or watching a movie in a foreign language and the ‘great mosaic’ results in ghettoes of oppression and lawlessness more often than Chinatown or Little Italy. Multiculturalism is almost by definition the acceptance of radically opposing and fundamentally held views, views which many Canadians would find utterly repulsive.

    Not all cultures are equal and some are directly opposed to our Canadian way of life, so if we wish to continue to be a beacon of democracy, we need to be clear about our values.


    1. I am not dismissive of Canadian Heritage. I am dismissive of Raquel Hughes idea of Canadian Heritage. She thinks that it is Catholic churches and English speaking radio channels – that Canadian culture is a Christian lifestyle where we wish each other merry Christmas and say the Lords prayer. This is certainly a part of Canada’s cultural landscape but not its defining factor. There are other cultures, other beliefs which also contribute to the bright mosaic which is Canada’s

      Canada’s heritage is exactly what you say it is : where minorities enjoy freedom from state oppression and are subsequently privileged to influence its culture and its way of life. You argue that here anyone has the right to be who they are, that we enjoy rights and freedoms not allowed elsewhere (like the right to practice our religion and beliefs such as wearing a turban) and this is exactly what Raquel Hughes is ranting against – the freedom of expression.

      I find it interesting that in the same breath you claim the rights for women and homosexuals, yet reject the idea of multiculturalism when it is exactly the idea of multiculturalism, of acceptance which gives such groups the hope for a better future.

      All cultures are equal – they are made up of good and bad. No one culture is better than another – they are just different but tie into one prevailing point:we are all human.


      1. My objection to Ms Hughes is that she appears to lump Sikhism (a religion of peace in which all people are equal under God) with all other cultures which she deems to be non-Canadian on the basis of headgear of all things.

        Sikhism is a culture which seems to me to be entirely compatible with the Canadian way of life. But it would be foolish and shortsighted to ignore aspects of other cultures that are entirely incompatible with our way of life. For example, would we accept a culture in which:
        homosexuality is punished by death
        honour killing of women is regarded as permissible
        female genital mutilation is the norm
        changing your religion is illegal
        a caste system defines your position in society as opposed to your ability
        it is legal to discriminate on the basis of your ethnicity?

        I’m not suggesting that Canada should refuse entry to people from countries where such things are practiced. I am saying that new immigrants to Canada (like me) should leave such aspects of their culture where they came from and adapt to their new country.

        Canada is not perfect, but the fact that millions of people from different cultures want to live here would suggest that it’s not just the scenery and wildlife that they want to experience.


      2. Sorry, but you wrote “There is no such thing as a ‘Canadian Heritage.’ “. You then wrote “It (Canadian culture) is simply a construct European colonizers used in the late 18th century to force Aboriginals to assimilate into their Eurocentric lifestyles.” You cannot then say that “I am not dismissive of Canadian Heritage”. You are in fact being very dismissive. The truth is those European colonizers DID have a cultural heritage that they valued and cherished and passed on to their children. Furthermore, if “canadian heritage” is “simply a construct” and does not exist, then the same can be said of ANY “heritage”. In short, I find that your response to the person who posted the picture of the cop in a turban sort of met her on her very low level of discourse.


      3. I do believe there is a Canadian Heritage and that it is a broad mix of many different cultures – that is what makes Canada so special. I am dismissive of the idea that Canadian heritage is essentially a European Heritage – because it is not. As I said, yes this is a large part of Canada’s culture and should be cherished but it is not the only one. (The Aboriginal communities had their own heritage, their own histories that the author of the FB post never mentioned, though they existed far before the Europeans arrived)

        Our whole worlds are built upon social constructs and cultural heritage (of any culture) is no different. They are formed according to the social norms of a certain time and place hence are fluid and able to change – are able to be modified and improved. That was exactly my point here: that the idea of there being a ‘fixed’ Canadian heritage that needed to be maintained and saved does not exist. Canada is one of those rare countries which is continually changing, continually adapting and shifting to accommodate the wonderful diversity of its people. Today, that is its heritage. That is the idea which we should be trying to preserve.


  8. I don’t understand why people feel the need to drag someone’s name through the mud because they have a differing opinion. This lady could lose her job, lose friendships, and other detrimental consequences just because people (like the author) decided to blow it out of proportion. She was wrong for posting something this shortsighted, however it’s just as wrong for someone to continually post her comments and tear her apart for a differing opinion. It’s a prime example of how this generation cannot handle criticism or differing opinions without rioting, ridiculing, suing, or ruining someones name and reputation. If you don’t like what some ignorant person has to say, then ignore it!!! You aren’t going to change their mind by insulting them.

    There are concerns about wearing a turban in the Edmonton City Police, one being the fact that it’s a safety issue to Cst. Pritpaul Bhui. Any sort of criminal altercation could lead to having his turban ripped off his head, which could result in numerous dangerous scenarios. Also the fact that his beard prevents a gas mask from sealing around his face presents a danger to himself and others as well. Finally, the Sikh and Hindu cultures have been recognized to continually violate and override Canadian law in regard forced/arranged marriages and honour killings. Therefore, during the pre-employment interview they should now ask all potential city police candidates if they support arranged marriages/honour killing and or associate with people who have these beliefs (similar to the question regarding gang associations). Having had a personal Hindu friend who fled her family’s forced marriage, she enlisted the help of police to find a safe place to go (fearing for her life). This sort of fear that women feel in these cultures is alarming, one that needs to be addressed in Canada. Not all members of these religions and cultures feel the same, but it is a huge problem in India and these beliefs and practices are often brought over to Canada. Personally I think it’s great that more immigrants and people of different belief systems want to serve in the Canadian police and military, but they need the same level of appreciation for Canadian law and customs (this includes aboriginal culture). So now that they’ve set a precedent, I hope they’ve updated their polygraph exam to ask questions regarding religious fundamentalism. But also, extended the same right to have a full beard to other city police members.


    1. The person who went on this rant did not do so out of practical concerns for this officer’s safety. She was angry that he was allowed to wear a turban because it doesn’t fit her outdated conception of what a Canadian officer should look like and felt that he was somehow eroding Canada’s cultural heritage by doing so. Her entire post was filled with ignorant ideas (about RCMP uniforms not including turbans during her lifetime and Catholic Churches/English being forbidden in India) and had a divisive and insulting tone. It’s not surprising that it attracted so much attention and anger. I agree that there’s no point in insulting someone you disagree just for the sake of insult, but it’s better to challenge ignorant, erroneous opinions than to simply ignore them. I don’t her want her name to be dragged through the mud by any means, but remember that it was she who took this police officer’s photo out of an article that has nothing to do with turbans, and then posted it on her facebook page ranting against him – a post that was widely shared by like-minded people angrily deriding him for wearing a turban. Did you read some of the comments that other people posted about the photo?

      And if you are talking about safety concerns now, then what risk does a turban pose that is significant enough to affect a police officer’s job? Sikhs wore turbans into battle for years in India, and when they served in the British Army during the World Wars and the British didn’t seem to have any problem with them. You are right that beards can interfere with gas masks, but the police force has decided that this risk is not significant enough to justify barring Sikhs from serving in the police, which is a good example of reasonable flexibility that you would expect to find in an inclusive society. If you do a quick google search, you will find that other non-Sikh police officers in other places have challenged the no-facial hair policy- a policy which, for the most part, is rooted in the motive of keeping officers looking “professional” and “neat”, rather than anything to do with safety.

      As far as your statement that the Sikh and Hindu cultures that “continually violate and override Canadian law in regard forced/arranged marriages and honour killings”: what do these problems have to do with Sikh police officers wearing turbans? These are certainly problems, but they are universally recognized as crimes in the Sikh community and condemned as such.


  9. … it should be noted that when the British Begged the Sikhs to join their army, in the 1800s they were allowed to keep their turbans.

    I am confused how we have progressed as a species if in the 2000’s someone protests.

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  10. This article has given me an interest in Sikh history, which I am eager to learn as a result. Sikh people, and all others from India, improve our country. We are blessed to have them 🙂

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  11. Christianity came to India in the year 0 AD with Jesus’s disciple Thomas. Known as Doubting Thomas he came to Cochin Kerala and preached and converted people to Christianity. This was almost 1200 years begore Islam came to India and we Sikhs are only a movement started in 1500 appx (Guru Nanak was born in 1469) and formally baptised 300 years ago.
    This woman and most North Americans are the worst educated people in the whole wide world. No clue about anything outside N.America.


    1. I would like to take this opportunity to stand up for myself and my thought process behind this post.

      First off I am native! I am a Roman Catholic! To the individual that ass raped my cell phone and my work for 8 solid days calling around 400 times per day threatening that my child was going to abducted by Sihks and become enslaved by them I am not nor will ever be a racist, I was well aware the officer I took a photo of was an EPS Officer not an RCMP. I am also aware that the first RCMP to wear a turban and ceremonial sword was from Vancouver 25 or so years ago. Yes I know how to spell. All that you put me through for simply having an opinion…does it make you feel good? It still doesn’t change how it makes me feel to see a Canadian Police Officer wearing a turban!

      The point I was making in the post was simply this:

      I watched the RCMP Musical Ride as a child at the Calgary Stampede. I recall feeling so proud seeing them in uniform on their disciplined horses. While I watched in amazement, at the end of the ride I begged my Mom to have a photo with the officers. I ran as quickly as my little legs could go and at that time they removed their hats for the photo and held them over their heart. How can a turban be removed to show respect?

      The RCMP uniform has changed over the years yes, however it is recognizable worldwide due to the uniqueness of the uniforms. Why should we change our Uniform. Not one person has offered an explanation for this question.

      Although my sihk stalker called me a fat ice cream eating cunt and other disgusting obscenities, it still does not alter my opinion in any way nor will it! That is all it was…an opinion! I deleted all forms of social media because of the continued harassment and ridiculous threats I received over having an opinion.

      I am not against multiculturalism nor am I a racist. All I was saying is people move from their Country to have a better life. Check around and see how many other Uniforms around the world would alter their traditional uniform…you obviously know where I work and how to get a hold of me and yes I am expecting a rash of new phone calls. And NO it still won’t change my mind!

      Signed the apparent Racist Bigot for having a damn opinion.


      1. Raquel,

        This post was not so much about you as it was about the issue at hand – which was why I never named you in my blog post. As you saw, there are many people who agree with your opinion. I, on the other hand, disagree and felt strongly that I needed to explain exactly why this view is outdated and harmful to the values and principles Canada stands for.

        You should not have been harassed in that manner, nor your child threatened – that is wrong – but if you post such remarks on social media, those which have the potential to harm others, you must expect some sort of backlash, surely? It was insensitive what you wrote – and while you are entitled to your own opinions, if you insist on ranting in public, at least be careful with your words and try to think of the consequences they could have. Also be careful of hypocrisy. You cannot say you are for multiculturalism while your very stubborn view suggests otherwise.

        As for your statement: WHY SHOULD WE CHANGE OUR UNIFORM. NOT ONE PERSON HAS OFFERED AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS QUESTION – you obviously missed the entire point of this blog post (which is a great shame) because that’s exactly what it was.


  12. Lets start by saying that i am not targeting the individual that wrote the original comment, i am targeting the content that was written. Here are a couple interesting points people have missed (regardless of my view on the article):

    Firstly this Officer is of Sikh… Decent / heritage / faith. The Sikh Religion originated in the country of India. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the original blogger is referring to India as “their Homeland”. Now, lets continue:

    She Wrote: “However, we as Canadians, have allowed for our Heritage to be altered in fear of appearing prejudice towards all the other New Canadians!”

    Define: “We Canadians” – Natives? … Whites? … Both?
    Define: “New Canadians” – Non-Natives? … Whites? … Both?

    The correct answer would be: A individual that holds Canadian Citizenship. Although this answer can still be argued.

    MAAAAAAAAN: “Heritage” refers to historical events or processes that have a special meaning in group memory. Now, think about this: Is that why Canadian Children are taught complete bullshit in schools? why history is always told from the “white” mans point of view? why the BARBARIC actions of European (white) settlers have been watered down?

    She Wrote: “If I went to their Homeland do you think for one second I would be able to build a Catholic Church and have heaps of English speaking channels on the radio or television to choose from?”


    1) Religion

    Lets not focus on just Catholics, let focus on all Christians.
    India has a population of approx 24,000,000 Christians.
    Canada has a population of approx 22,600,000 Christians.

    2) English

    – In India, English is the primary language for everything that is related to the government.
    – India is known for being the worlds largest English speaking democracy.
    – Technically, there are more English speaking individuals in India than the rest of the world.

    – on a side note: just because you speak with an accent does not mean you do not know the English language…. i can guarantee a large number of individuals just stereotyped after reading those last few words. So, for example, think: British, Irish, Scottish, Australian, Canadian, American, and for the people who didn’t know … Indian!! For those of you in the western world: also think about the different stereotypical accents across the US and the same goes for Canada.

    MAAAAAAAAN: I have a strong feeling that you assume this man is of Arab and/or Muslim maybe even some sort of superhuman-like hybrid background/decent. Even if he was arab and/or muslim, why did you have to assume he was from some sort of stereotypical extremist-like country.

    I guess she aint know nuffin abt the British-Indian hisstory n stuff.

    She Wrote: “Do you think my attire would be acceptable in their Country? I think not!”

    Answer: ….

    Ummm…… can you please define your “attire”?

    MAAAAAAAAN: ………… WTH?! ………… please refer to the above “MAAAAAAAAN”.

    She Wrote: “I am all for having Multi-Culturalism in our Country, but I just feel like when you come to have a better life, you adapt to the new Country, otherwise if things were so great in yours, you would not have left in the first place”

    Answer: If everyone where to “adapt” to the “new Country”, every individual could be classified as the “same”. How exactly would that be multicultural? If that’s your definition of multicultural then you are correct, you are for multiculturalism. But, practically speaking, you are selectively in favour of multiculturalism.

    MAAAAAAAAN: Is that why European settlers adapted to the lifestyles of the different Aboriginal groups? why the Catholics Crusades… (never mind) .. im getting tired of this.

    Thats enough of this… i am no longer bored enough to do what i was doing.

    Note: numbers and stuff would be slightly different based on the sources you use.


    i dont care about the “slang” i used or the grammatical errors i made in this post.
    I dont care if my argument(s) were structured properly (YOU PHILOSOPHY MAJORS).
    i dont care about this
    i dont care about that
    I am confident that the majority of people reading my REPLY-RANT (thats right, i said that first, and i copyright that saying) understood what i was trying to say/prove. YA FEEEL ME?!
    oh wait… wouldn’t that be ignorant of me? … Well, whatever.
    If the majority of people didnt understand what i was trying to say… well… then i think we should all eat a box of kripsy kreme donuts and watch a funny-ass moive on netflix.


    Respect all religions and cultures equally.

    Respect men and women equally.

    Respect diabetes and obesity equally.

    Respect philosophy majors and medical students equally.

    im not really sure what i have against philosophy majors….

    i dont think i really have anything against them?


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